Rowena Aitken is a highly skilled and prolific artist who has worked on an impressive range of projects since becoming a freelance illustrator in 2009. Her work includes projects such as "The Wee Book o' Scottish Mindfooness," a small illustrated book on mindfulness packed with Scottish colloquialisms, "Our Big Box," a reminiscence tool for those with dementia and their families, and "The Hoots," a monthly comic following the musical adventures of The Brainiacs in Brilliant Brainz magazine.

In her spare time, Rowena enjoys swimming and spending time in nature, and she has a particular interest in working on a project focused on ocean creatures. She currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her partner and cat.

Rowena studied Animation and Electronic Media at Duncan of Jordanstone, University of Dundee before launching her career as an illustrator. She has illustrated several popular children's books, including "Ruan The Little Red Squirrel" (2016) and "The Kilted Coo" (2017) and collaborated with Elisa Peacock on "The Bum That Barked" (2020). Her current projects involve educational illustrations primarily in the Irish language specialism and creating the artwork for Ren Cummins' debut children's book, "Princess Peanut, Be Polite" (coming 2023).

Despite her busy schedule, Rowena also enjoys sharing her skills and knowledge with other artists, writing tutorials for those who are eager to learn digital art skills, regardless of their age or experience level. Her dedication to her craft, passion for nature, and love of storytelling continue to drive her work, making her a beloved and respected figure in the illustration community.

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