I began my career showing my work in Los Angeles and London Galleries. After a record label purchased a personal piece for the cover of a jazz album by Sun Ra, I produced multiple images on album covers that included jacket art for John Lennon, Led Zeppilin, Marvin Gay and B.B King. Working as a traditional painter in a photo-Realistic style, I transitioned into creating motion picture Poster Art. My work in that area includes the iconic Robocop image. The Player, Platoon, Something Wild, Torment, Videodrome and Dawn of the Dead. While under contract with CBS Television, I created the promotional art for the final show of Mash, which was the most watched television event in history.

In 1994, I switched from traditional art to digital art medium. This work includes numerous book covers for Random House, a CD cover for Stevie Wonder and many recent film projects, including Splice, Book of Eli, Total Recall, Elysium, Cowboys and Aliens and I Am Legend.

Currently I am creating early concept work for a new Ridley Scott film. In the last several years, I have also worked in the Gaming market, producing images for all of the versions of Halo. My Metal Gear Rising packaging was named Best Gaming Packaging of 2012. My art is included in numerous books with the histories of album art and Movie Posters.

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