Artificial Intelligence Assisted Art
The following illustrations were created by Big Al Gruswitz using an artificial intelligence program. The images are produced by writing word prompts describing the desired outcome. These images were created using a program called MidJourney which is still in beta. As such the program is learning by both public access images and by what the users of the program are creating. There has been remarkable advances made with the program since it was first made available for users back in July 2022 and the program will continue to improve and amaze. 
Some people ask questions like, “Is AI assisted art going to put artists out of business?” Or, “Can’t anyone get the program and create art?”
Addressing the two questions together: Yes, anyone can create images with the program. In fact, there are some very interesting images created with just one-word prompts. However, just like with normal illustration methods, there’s a difference in the results between the hobbyist and the professional artist. There’s a difference between getting cool unexpected results and knowing how to get the results you want, or what the client wants. Big Al uses his many years of experience as an art director and illustrator to produce his images. He incorporates his knowledge of design and 3D illustration, plus his understanding of photography, lighting, camera angles, lenses, atmosphere, mood, and communication with his developed knowledge of how to communicate the right words in the right order to the program. Additionally, he brings his years of award-winning creativity and imagination to bear on his work. Some of these images are produced compositing several MidJourney images in Photoshop. 
As you’ll see with the samples here, the results vary almost infinitely in terms of styles from photo-realism to pen and ink sketches, and beyond. They are just hints of what’s possible. The question is what type of image are you looking for? AI assisted art might just be the answer.

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