Digital illustrations

I’m a Spanish illustrator and graphic designer, born in Esparreguera, Spain, in 1972.
I’ve studied graphic design and illustration at the School of Art "La Massana”, in Barcelona, Spain.
I have been working for the past 25 years as a freelance illustrator for advertising agencies, design studios, publishing houses, as well helping in the development of games and their packaging and advertising.
I have a variety of different styles, that are appropriate for children books, children and adult book covers, from cartoon to realistic. It applies also to advertising. All the work is done digitally – Adobe illustrator and Photoshop.
My work has been done for clients all over Europe, USA and Asia.
I've lived and worked for 10 years in Barcelona and I have moved to Bolvir (a small town in the Pyrenees, about two hours from Barcelona) where I live now with my wife Rose and our two sons, Martin and Gerard, as well in the company of five cats.

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