He has been drawing all of his life. After briefly considering a career in psychology, he transferred to the Rochester Institute of Technology to study medical illustration. After school he had studio space at William Douglas McAdams, one of the prestigious medical ad agencies at the time where he “ learned the ropes” of commercial advertising. Then he apprenticed with one of the premier medical artists at the time Ray Srugis. Since going out on his own in 1983, he established himself as a sought after medical artist. The work included airbrush, and pen and ink for print and presentation comps. For the past eighteen years he has worked digitally in 2D and 3D.

Over the past several years, he added 3D medical animation to my skill set. In addition to medical subject matter, he has enjoyed doing special effects projects, employing metallic and glass effects, for medical and non medical subjects. What he enjoys most about freelancing are the diverse projects that come across his “ drawing tablet.

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