I am an experienced illustrator (paper/collage and digital) and graphic designer with a highly skilled and original approach. Expert in conceptualizing and developing visual solutions in different promotional media for print, TV and the Internet.

My paper portraits, made of recycled paper affixed with double sided tape to cartridge paper are scanned, retouched and e-mailed to the client, adhering to required technical specifications. My conceptual digital style of illustration stems from my paper work.

I am reliable and meticulous with the ability to produce high quality artwork to tight deadlines. I am able to adapt to every subject matter with extensive experience in legal and financial subject matter. Long-term clients experience a progression within the illustrative language I create, with an ongoing response to the evolving design requirements.

My flexibility and dedication to find solutions matches my ability to reach tight deadlines with client’s full satisfaction.

My illustrations appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world, including The New Yorker, Time Magazine, The Sunday Times, The FT, The Wall Street Journal, Redaktion CASH, Estates Gazette, Esquire, Time Out and many more

Original artwork has been exhibited internationally, including galleries in London, Paris, Reykjavik, New York and Tel Aviv as well as reproduced in books and articles in professional publications.

I attended The Betzalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, graduating with a BA in Graphic Design/Illustration and a BA in History of Art.

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