Mark has been creating images for advertising and design for about 30 years. After studying Applied Photography at Sheridan College, Mark began his career in Toronto assisting several top photographers, he later opened his own studio. After many successful years of producing award winning images working with top agencies, Mark discovered 3D.
The challenge of mastering 3D was daunting, yet led to a new chapter in his career. Mark incorporates many software packages into his workflow to create photorealistic 3D images. He often incorporates photographic textures. Combined with his extensive lighting skills acquired through his many years of experience in a studio setting, he is able to add a high level of realism to each new image.

Coca Cola International, IBM, Philips, Toyota, Lufthansa Air Cargo, Nestlé, Tim Horton's, Best Foods, General Foods, Kraft Foods, Bank Of Montreal, TD Bank, RBC, Dow, Novatel, Avon, just to name a few.

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