Powerhouse Animation Studios, Inc. is an Austin, Texas-based animation studio that develops and produces traditional and Flash animation for television series, motion pictures, video games cinemas, commercials, and the internet. Powerhouse also creates Flash based interactive games and applications for console games, online MMORPGs, and advertising.

Powerhouse Animation Studios, Inc.’s mission statement is simple: To better humanity through the miracle of traditional animation and space-age multimedia technology; to promote truth, justice, and commerce through cartoons. For a decade we have been doing just that. We have helped end communism by promoting trade through television commercials for brands like Oreo, Coca Cola, and Old Spice. We have assisted clean-cut, old-fashioned patriots like Adam Sandler and Kevin Smith spread joy and frivolity. We have helped corporate stewards of our society like Disney, Marvel, ESPN, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Sony spread their ideas across this great land of ours.

Powerhouse Animation offers a wide variety of creative services. From pre-production tasks like character design and concept design to storyboards and animatics to final turn-key production of traditional animation, motion comics, and commercial animation

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