He studied graphic arts and perfected illustration at the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg (France). He has lived in Montreal for over 10 years and my illustrations have appear across continents.

He is a great interpreter of unfinished moments such as pauses, gestures and movements. At once theatrical and grotesque, He illustrate form and color with flexibility and discipline with both found in perfect harmony.

Here and elsewhere, his modern style can be found in the advertising field, and magazines for youth. Some images taken in 2004 on behalf of the S.A.Q. still illustrate the various promotional tools of the corporation. Original illustrations created for Maybeline and Van Houte are also timeless.

Publication clients include Sunday's Cleveland (U.S), Femme (France), Clin d’Oeil, Marie-Claire and En Route (Air-Canada). His excellent technique has been recognized on many occasions and he has participated as a jury member in the Lux competition in 2005.

His work appears in both media and in print. In 2003 and 2004 the magazines Parisian such as Bloc Note and SVM Mac spoke of the talent of my various works. In October 2008 the German monthly Novum (Berlin) highlighted my merits with eight imaginative compositions in an article entitled “Party Time”.

In 2009 he was selected for the cover of the 2009 WOW BOOK plus a two page article devoted to my personal technique.

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