Hani is an illustrator and visual artist based in North East London. He is in awe of science and religion, obsessed with comic books and print-making, and had a misspent youth comprised of skateboarding and being in rubbish bands. Hani’s work cleverly frames pattern, iconic symbol and figurative imagery that results in seductive scenes and portraits that are serious in content and pleasing to the eye.
Style / Techniques:
Collage, Pattern, Bold, Bright, Pop, Texture, Depth, Block Colour, Contemporary, Geometric, Screen Printing, Print Making, Hand Drawn, Digital, Vector.
Subject / Specialties:
Science, Religion, Pop Culture, Fantasy, Conceptual, Scene, Portrait, Illustration, Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Editorial, Product, Packaging, Poster, Lettering, Typography, Logo.

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