Rick Grayson


I have been creating and producing commercially successful art for over 20 years. My illustrations span many areas including art for advertising, publishing, games, movies technology as well as many others. My images are created with your input and direction. My artwork covers many formats. Some are created using traditional drawing and painting methods. My most recent work is produced as digital files using Photoshop and illustrator.

Here are some of the clients I have worked with: Milton Bradley, Disney, Lucas Film Ltd., Hasbro, Reader’s Digest Pub, Fisher-Price, Inc., National Geographic, Scholastic, Parker Brothers, Warner Brothers, Creative Teaching Press, San Diego Zoo, Leo Burnett USA, Marin Theatre Company, Nickelodeon, Commonwealth Films, Liberty Mutual, AT+T, Nabisco / Lifesaver, Hershey, Dunkin Donuts, Rosie Magazine, Barney Publishing, Marvel Comics and Heinz Ketchup

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