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Davidis Film is an integrated media company focused on creating authentic and high quality automotive-centric video content. We combine high-end commercial digital film production services with our creative conceptual development processes to deliver top quality, authentic and impactful video content for Programming Network Partners and for Corporate & Ad-Agency Clients. We believe:  You are best at what you love. We love filmmaking. We love cars. We love authenticity. We tell stories about people and their cars that are true, arouse, entertain and sell. We are car enthusiasts...we speak the language of the fish, not the bait!   Perfect Timing: The automotive video destination is taking off like the food-genre that exploded into media a few years ago. Despite the high demand for car-centric video content available to consumers, the content tends to lack authenticity and often fails to fully resonate with target audiences. Live action car-centric video content produced for mass consumption is often expensive and/or created by individuals who are not car focused media experts. These dynamics affect key market participants in different ways: Networks: Settle on inauthentic programming. Brands/agencies: No option for cost effective, high quality video production. Consumers: Settle for content that doesn’t fully resonate. Our integrated media company, driven by car-enthusiast experts, thrives to become the trusted market leader in producing cost-effective and high quality authentic automotive video content for Networks, Brands and Ad-Agencies and Car Enthusiasts who consume online media Our team of top car shooters lives the car culture. Each member either drives, collects, restores or races themselves. Therefore, we can deliver more quality for a better price. And because we LOVE what we do, we are authentic. Audiences don’t want to be talked at anymore. They want to be talked to, by people they can relate to and identify with.   Our two main avenues of business are: 1.) We provide advertising agencies, automotive brands, and other car-related businesses with cost- effective, high quality video production. Our services encompass all aspects of production, including conceptual work, pre-production, production and post-production services. The combination of our passion for cars, creativity, and craftsmanship provides our clients with truly authentic digital content for Commercials, Image Films, Video Marketing Campaigns, Running Footage and Branded Content 2.) We provide broadband and broadcast networks with proprietary original concept creation and third party collaborated content for programming. By combining high- end digital film production with our creative conceptual development processes, we produce top quality, authentic and impactful content for Sample Films,Trailers, Pilots, Webisodes, Feature Documentaries and Multi-Episode Series.

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